Federal Alcohol Tobacco Tax & Trade Bureau and State Licensing

Start up Permits and Bonds – wineries, importers, wholesalers, retailers, & tasting rooms

Alternating Proprietorships and Host Curtailments

Changes to address and company structure

Changes to bonded & licensed premises – expansions and curtailments

Distilled Spirits Permits (for alcohol reduction operations)

Winery reporting – 702, Winegrower, Beer & Wine Importer, Distilled Spirits,

Crush, and TTB Tax Returns

Trade name additions

Certificate of Label Approvals (COLA/FLA)

Additional Services

Compliance consulting

Organization of compliance files

Employee training

Notary Public

FDA Bioterrorism Registration

County or city home occupational use permits

County fictitious business name statement filing and newspaper publication

CA Department of Food & Agricultural Processor's License

State Board of Equalization Seller's Permit and Excise Tax registration

Quarterly Audits

We provide and strongly recommend quarterly audits. Our audit will verify:

Your current company legal structure is accurately on file with all of the appropriate agencies

Premises diagram, and descriptions for the winery, tasting room and office are accurate

Maintenance of all operational documents required by the TTB and ABC are being handled properly

Documentation supports the operational reports that have been filed on your behalf